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Performance Yacht Racing Course

In our intensive yacht racing course, you will learn how to successfully and safely perform to your highest level.  This yacht racing course will also extend and solidify your knowledge and confidence levels related to safety on board.  Even if your goal is cruising, you will find your experience in our performance yacht racing course invaluable in reestablishing your understanding of safe and efficient sailing.  


Pre-course experience:  None

Assumed knowledge:  None

Minimum duration:  10 practical lessons, 3 theory lessons. 

Minimum age:  None

Course content: Physical preparation, boat preparation, boat handling, boat speed, team work, strategy and meteorology, racing rules, tactics and race starts

Ability after the course:  You will be able to understand and master racing tactics, racing manoeuvres, sail trim and rig trim for speed, crew weight positioning and the art of flying asymmetric and symmetric spinnakers downwind

Cost:  $2500 plus GST pp

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